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Lao the Dryeena

Lao Shan Lung (Lao) is currently a Dryeena, yet has been many things in the past. Shi has numerous mates and pets. Shi is a pet hirself to Mistress Eli Sin whom shi respects and admires. Hir fursona is currently 19 years old. Over the course of the past few months, Lao has been everything from a "Lao Shan Lung" or "Old Mountain Dragon", a kitsune, MewTwo, feline, and wolf to eventually ending up as a Dryeena. Lao has an obsession with Snickerdoodles, and hir craving for them knows no bounds. Shi has been self proclaimed "The Bearer of Snickerdoodles".


Most of Lao Shan Lung's life is a mystery, even to hirself. Shi has forgotten most of hir past due to hir change in species, which was done by hir mistress, only because Lao asked for the change. One of the only things shi knows for sure, is that shi was born on August 29, 1987, and that shi never knew hir parents. Shi learns something new everyday, and looks forward to what the future has in store for hir.

Of all hir mates and friends, only three stand out. Lao fell in love with hir first love, Sapphire the MewTwo. They fell in love at once, and have been inseparable ever since, and currently are expecting their first children, Crymson and Aquamarine. Lao met hir best friend and second love, Midnight Kitsune, who has an attraction to herms. Not long after they became friends, they became mates on Valentines Day 2007. Lao has feelings for one other but does not have the courage to confess hir feelings fully.