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LC, LC Patch, P4TCH, or LC F. Also known as Liz, but mainly LC, [Born Jan. 15th, 1990 in Connecticut] is a Fursuiter, Fursuit Maker, and artist living in Plattsburgh, Upstate NY with her mate, CJ[1]. LC attended SUNY Potsdam for Art Studio and Art Education majors. LC has been in the fandom since 2001 and in 2008 became more open about being within the fandom. She started out drawing disney characters as a young age and eventually made up her first character, Taraneve De'Lacore, in early 2004 mainly as a D&D character which later evolved into a fursona. Her current and main fursona, 'LC', was based off of Taraneve and her own personality/likes/dislikes etc. LC tends to draw more anthropomorphic as well as feral characters recently since 2008. In 2010 she started to work more on fursuit building and now takes on commissions from others within the fandom. She has two main fursonas; LC and Taraneve [Tara]. Her closest friend within the fandom is SharpieSabre and as well as her mate, CJ.


LC Patch: LC[[2]] was created off of an original D&D character, Taraneve, in 2010 that later transpired into a husky/wolf/jackal hybrid fursona. Later that year she went through various changes, [species, coat coloring, etc] and ended up as a Husky/Australian Shepherd mix. She has a bright turqouise coat with bright green scene-like styled hair and purple raccoon tails along with a large bushy tail and long ears. Her trademark is the black sketchy styled heart design that lays on her back over her shoulder blades.

((2012 EDIT : LC changed her main sona's coloring after feeling conflicted about herself and personal issues that had occured. Due to this she went through a change of heart, and eventhough it felt odd to change her blue husky self, LC is now a pink/black husky/wolf mix. Her current design is on her FA CURRENT LC

Pictures of LC[[3]] can be found on both her facebook as well as DevArt account and FurAffinity. However, as of late LC can be found more on her FA account LC's FA

Taraneve De'Lacore: [Tara] Created in 2004 originally for a D&D campaign. She evolved from various characters and through different personality changes before becoming LC's actual main fursona for some time until 2010 when she was meshed with another character to create LC. She is a jackal/wolf hybrid mainly brown and black coated.

Pictures of Tara[[4]] can be found on both her facebook as well as DevArt account and FurAffinity.

Other Sonas

Fawk[[5]]: A rarely used fursona created in 2006. Like Tara, started out as a D&D character. He is a N'darian, species created by LC. He is as tall as a Clydesdale horse. Fawk has a skull for a face and long lanky, Halloween styled body.

Eoin[[6]]: Another rarely seen fursona created in late 2010. She is a deer/goat hybrid.


Deviantart: lcpatchworkheart [[7]]

Furaffinity: LCpatch[[8]]

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