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Basic Info[edit]

LiveJournallogo.png This user has an account at LiveJournal. Their username is   Kuvera08.
FurAffinityFenderBadge.jpg This user has an account at Fur Affinity. Their username is Kuvera08.
FPS Logo.jpg This user watches the
Funday PawPet Show.
CarolinaFursLogo400.jpg This user has tar on their heel!
They're a Carolina Fur!
OH This user watches the
Ohio Pawpets.
MyFursona.png This user has an account at MyFursona. Their username is Kuvera.
  • Furry Name: Kuvera
  • Gender: Female
  • RL Age: 18
  • Species: Arctic Wolf
  • Orientation: Pansexual
  • Furry Since: Mid/Late 2007
  • Location: your pocket!
  • Occupation: What is this occupation you speak of?

Contact Info[edit]

I'm open to chat whenever I'm online; just remember to tell me where you got my screen name though! I'm cautious like that.

  • MSN: (Ask for it.)
  • Email: (Ask please.)

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