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Picture of Avoyt
Born 9 June 1995
Profession or hobby Bachelor of Fine Arts in motion design; minor in animation and in visual effects
Character species MacKenzie Valley grey wolf

Hello! I'm Avoyt! I'm just an enthusiastic part of the furry fandom, and an avid lover of plushies and Pokémon. I LOVE talking about plushies!

If my username wasn't clear, I'm a wolf. I have the horns of an oryx and vividly orange eyes that put a traffic cone to shame. Oh, and I'm quadruped ("feral"), so no thumbs for me, heh.

I'm an [ENTP], "The Debater". >:3

I would love to have a vanity page, but I won't make one unless I ever do something significant for the furry fandom.


I will edit this later, I suppose.


I will edit this too, eventually.