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|Kudzu Foxpaw is a male fox residing in Colorado. He often uses the alias "Kudzu King" before making the name change to "Kudzu Foxpaw" thus all of his site usernames are often "KudzuKing" He is often found on many various MU*, mainly Tapestries. He is a beginner artist, enjoys chatting with people, and playing games. He is often very submissive, unless his mind is set to something. He can be found on many various sites and communities.


Social Description[edit]

Kudzu, a male fox. He is of a slightly taller than average height at about two meters. He is fairly lanky, with only slight muscle showing. He has a rich coat which is a warm red-orange, with white and black speckles. He has black forearms and lower legs, and his wrists, upperarms, ankles, and neck each have a band, about 4 centimeters thick, of a pure, bright white around them. His fur in generla appears to be well kept, and has a slight sheens to it. However, the coat is disrupted by a handful of scars from past activities. He appears to take some pride in these, and doesn't attepmpt to cover them. Clothing wise, he is dressed fairly causually. He wears a green, militarine jacket, open along the chest, inviting people to glance at his white underbelly. Something about his jacket draws your eyes downward. you notcie he is wearing extremely baggy pants, effectively hiding the form of his lower body, but the shape of his upperbody gives you enough clues to the form of his legs.Kudzu appears to be very submissive. It looks like if you want to hang with him, most likely you'll have to make the first move. From the signs of abuse, you decide that he enjoys bondage, but doesn't necessarily thrive off of it. He appears t obe willing to take anything, loves to talk, though he often appears outwardly shy. He is Bi-but prefers male/female relations for long-term intimate affairs. He notices your gaze, and turns his attention towards you. His eyes appear to twinkle, and perhaps he gave you a slight wink. His tail twitches nervously, and he turns so that he is standing in profile. He watches you closely out of the corner of his eye.

Combat Description[edit]

Weapons/Gadgets: Field Medic's Kit, Crowwbos with Various Bolt Types, Forearm-based Nuclear force shields.

Abilities: Slow view of world and superb mental abilities. (explained in Bio)

Bios: Specialist Four Kudzu is an Anthropomorphic fox, hailing from The Corps, a union of such creatures holding claim to a small pocket of space. He claims to have ejected from his ship near Earth after sensing rising tensions that hold high probability of creating a mutinous environment. He again claims to be a ship's Medic, and has proven himself in this field easily.

As his story claims, during his time at university he was experimenting with a new drug, and became addicted to it. Then name of said drug is unknown, and its effect is not outwardly obvious. Kudzu claims that this drug causes him to view the world through a "bullet" time sort of frame speed, causing him to be able to plot necessary reactions to any event. The problem, however, is that his body itself is unaffected, so it moves relatively slow to his mind. ****c Example: He can mentally plan to dodge a bullet, but it may not be physically possible for him to move fast enough.

Another claimed effect of said drug is a near computer like mental computations. S4 Kudzu is able to take any data provided and process a probability based report of any Cause/Effect, Behavioral Patterns, or other similar hard-data type evaluations. To do this, he must be provided with accurate data. This mentality can only use what is given to it to create a evaluation, so any false or incomplete data will most likely yield poor results.

The addiction to the drug is one of the main weak points of Kudzu, he must retake and injection on the drug every seven hours or face withdrawal. The withdrawal is brutal, causing a gradual lost of above functions and eventually leading to a loss of all mental ability after approximately 13 hours. When the withdraws goes far enough to cause the lost of the "bullet" time effect, the world appears to flash by, and marks the lost of viable response to the world, speeding along to the 13-hour death.

S4 Kudzu has a very stoic and submissive psychology. He does not care what happens to him or his companions, and it appears he has lost the will to live, but oddly keeps on surviving. He is willing to aid "Friends" or those with the biggest wallets. Eighty-Percent of all money made by any citizen of The Corps must be sent to help rebuild their space. He seems very willing to do this, but is known to "Deal Under the Table" when dealing with certain situations. Kudzu is very reluctant to resort to any unnecessary violence, but is fully trained in combat. He will only attack when directly attacked, and will attempt to use his mental ability to manipulate someone to suit his needs. Kudzu is know to care for females of his species, and this is the only time he is known to truly show emotion.

We should mention that in space belonging to The Corps, report of a high-priority person who has extreme importance to the cause of The Corp has escaped.

Time-Wasting Activities[edit]


Kudzu is just beginning to get into the art scene. He has been doing art seriously since around August of 2007. His first public anthro piece was Bound He is just starting to do work in Colored Pencils, after previously gaining experience in both grapthite pencil and ink. He is open to take requests, though often attempts to make it a trade. Right now he's focusing on gaining experience and having fun. Samples of his work can be found on both Fur Affinity and DeviantArt.

Online Communities and Forums[edit]

Kudzu can most often be found on various MUCKs, but frequents on Tapestries. He plays under the name "Kudzu_Foxpaw" and is open to any interaction. He prefers social roleplay, but sometimes sneaks into a combat scene. He frequently visits the Anthro Lounge Forums on Gamespot and the Joshstory Forums.