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A headshot of Kovu, drawn by Harlayt on FurAffinity.

Kovu (born September 19, 2003) is a Fursuiter who was born, and lives, in Israel. She is an artist as well as a graphic designing hobbyist.


Kovu's fursona is a white female Border Collie Dog, standing at 170cm (5'7") and weighing 109 lbs.

She is a SFW-only character, who is sometimes drawn with a tattoo.


Kovu is interested in video games, minimalism lifestyle, anything aesthetic, gaming setups, and the furry fandom. She is obsessed with her favorite TV shows and cartoons, which are Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Rick and Morty, and Steven Universe.

Kovu loves music. Her favourite genres are Electro Swing, House (most kinds), Glitch Hop, and other kinds of EDM music. Her favourite musician is Lindsey Stirling.


As of March, 2018, Kovu is a young furry and unable to visit conventions outside of Israel. She has attended:

Israeli Conventions:


Kovu wearing glasses and a bandana.

Outside conventions:

None yet.


Kovu's fursuits were created by herself.

As of October 25th, Kovu's v.1 fursuit was discarded; as she's working on a newer, better version.

While fursuiting, Kovu would usually wear a bandana and a pair of yellow glasses.

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