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||Using for practice :D||

Koshibou (Also known as Koshi) is a female furry from Sydney, Australia. She considers herself to be a furry since about 1999 but didn't learn about the fandom nor develop a proper fursona until 2005.

While she had always had an interest in animals and in drawing them, World of Warcraft sparked her love for anthropomorphism and roleplaying and soon after took on the title 'furry'.

Her main character on WoW was a Night Elf Druid (Feral specced) which she would mainly use for role-playing on her server, Earthen Ring. She was quite well known throughout the role-playing community and had been a member of some major guilds. She is currently inactive while she is in her HSC year and has let a friend have her account for safe keeping.

Although she isn't too well known within the furry community, she has started to build a small reputation for herself and has even held her own furmeet which she plans on having more regularly.