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  • Name: Kitsu
  • Real Name: Meagan
  • Sex: Female
  • Birthday: April 13th
  • Location: North Carolina, USA
  • Species: swifthorn
  • Occupation: Nothing at the moment. I hope to change that.
  • Orientation: Straight as a semi-circle
  • Relationship status: In a relationship

About me[edit]

I have been drawing anthropomorphic characters ever since I was in preschool. I guess that means I was born into the furry fandom eh? I greatly enjoy video games and anything that has to do with technology. Yet I love what the outdoors has to offer; photo-ops, relaxation and fishing. I am very calm and easy to talk to, although it will take awhile for me to earn your trust; I may be slightly shy at first. I am always up for an art trade with the situation allows it. Do not hesitate to drop me a note. =3

External Links[edit]

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