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Greetings! I go by Kistaro Windrider. I'm a dragon from Redmond, WA. I'm not sure which is worse: I'm one of those Otherkin people, I'm sometimes one of those balloonie people, or that I'm always one of those Microsoft people. (I therefore have a conflict of interest on most technology-related articles. I know when I need to step out, though.)

As might be expected from my employer, I'm a computer nerd and have been for quite some time; my first computer was an Apple IIC, and all hell broke loose from there. Growing up on OS/2, I eventually wound up going to WUSTL for my education and now am officially full of B.S. in Applied Science, majoring in Computer Science.

I tend to get long-winded and philosophical.

My LiveJournal is available at and has about a 3:1 ratio of public:nonpublic entries, so you aren't missing much.