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Warning! This page is random! And in third person perspective!!!

Kimair Natova is a young Furry from Santa Cruz, California. He's been in the fandom for about 3 and is enjoying being a Fur. He has attended only one convention so far: Further Confusion 2008. His goal for FC 09 is to actaully stay the whole con and perform a song there. At FC 08 Kimair met Greifer

He is also a musician who plays the Drums, bass, and little guitar. He also does vocals (Screams mainly) Since he has moved from his old town of Livermore, CA (around April 28th, 2008, and the town is full of hicks and violence) he has not been able to set up his drum set so he cannot practice nor record anything for his solo arist project: Bullet Through A Heart. He is also a writer and writes lyrics, stories, and scripts for plays, movies, etc.

Kimair has two owners

Karmelo "Prince" Fuzz
FireFoxx Larkham

He is under their collar and belongs to them, and them only. Any complaints need to be taken to either FireFoxx or Karmelo.

Contact info:

AIM: ubdeadboltwolf


website: Kimair's MySpace

Xbox 360 Live: KimairxFurPride

Skype: Deadboltwolf552