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The name's Kimair. Below is my info.

Name: Kimair

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual


Name: Kaida

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Hair Color/Style: Black long hair

Eye Color: Blue

I am a drummer/vocalists/bassist. I am a writer and I write lyrics and stories. I am also a gamer. I enjoy Music and can't live without it. I currently am in my own solo artist band. Lastly, I am moving VERY soon.


Name: Kimair


Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Wolf

Fur Color: Black with chrome colored streaks

Hair Color/Style: Black spiked hair with chrome highlights

Eye Color: Chrome

Marks: Red tribal designs all over right arm and red pentagram on back of right hand.


Feet (Human): etnies Twitch shoes in black and white or black Burton snowboard boots

Feet (Fursuit): N/A

Feet (Anthro): Black digitigrade combat boots

Legs (Human): Black Columbia snowboard pants with tail

Legs (Fursuit): Black Columbia snowboard pants

Legs (Anthro): Black jeans

Torso (Human): Random black and white shirt, black and white gloves (if available), black and white nail polish (changes every other finger like: black,white, black, white, etc.)

Torso (Fursuit): N/A

Torso (Anthro): Random black shirt, black fingerless gloves, black trench coat

Head/Neck (Human): Black collar with Rainbow Hearts, black Ski mask (only over mouth and nose), and a black NoFear bill beanie with a black and white star and sometimes black eyeliner

Head/Neck (Fursuit): N/A

Head/Neck (Anthro): N/A

I'll add more later


AIM: ubdeadboltwolf

Yahoo: or

Skype: deadboltwolf552


Band Myspace:


Good Bay Area Recording Studios

Indigital Recording Studio (