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Kilo Charlie or better known as just Kilo is a Furry currently residing near San Francisco, California. The majority of his work resides on Fur Affinity Kilo is more of a writer but suffers from chronic writers block and is taking unconventional measures to circumvent the problem.

[Actual Current Profile on] Profile:

Sex: Yes please!!! (rip-off from Austin Powers movies)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Age: RL:18 Fursona:25

I am a slightly underweight, slightly muscular 18yr. old (6'2' ~125Lbs.), likes music, art, video games, and talking about random s**t... i try to keep writing so i don't go crazy, (although i probably already am crazy)... someday i will set up a video camera and tape one of the meetings b/tween me and my group of other social outcasts... (we're all weird in our own way)... i have a feeling that at least one, (maybe two) of them are furries (but don't fully know yet) and will try to introduce them to this site... i am an Atheist, but i think i'm leaning towards Paganism... (no i'm not a hippy...) after school, i might decide to move out of country (i'm thinking either England or Australia, i always thought Australians were cool...) there is a region in England that shares my last name (i'm not mentioning it so don't ask) if you meet me IRL, say hi, i would always love to add more friends to my group... i discovered i was a furry at around 16 or 17... through p**n... but i've matured past that and just like the sense of community and all that other s**t... (but the p**n is still sexy) i curse A LOT so plz don't be offended... i am straight, so guys, don't waste your time... we will just be good friends... i generally dislike people and am kinda an @$$hole to most of them (although i am nice to my friends and to furries...) i love animals i have two dogs and they are the cutest things... i cook and bake often and my friends think i'm funny... i know more than i should at my age about alcohol... and i make wine as a part-time job... i am fun to be around although i can get a little clingy and annoying... i enjoy free-running, although i am not very good and would like to get better... any more questions, just ask... and plz, read my stories!!!

I'm not much of an i won't be submitting many drawings... i have taken good pics w/ a camera but... nothing notable

I am posting random stuff and a story (written in parts) on my journal page

And yes, i do plan on making more of those shirts i have in my gallery... i have to work out a couple of kinks (paypal, shipping, costs) but as soon as i can i will be open for shirt requests... plz note that i would not recommended machine washing as it is only written in Sharpie... and i suck at drawing, so i won't be able to do really complex pics... just the simple stuff that is on mine

You can reach me @ Kilo6Charlie[at] (Watch the Capitalization!)


Kilo's fursona is a tall and lean, yet muscular Arctic Fox. His fur is a pure white in the Winter, and changed to a deep crimson and black in the Summer months. while Kilo seems to be kind of a loner/shut-in, he craves a busy lifestyle and keeps a close circle of friends whom he could (and would) trust with his life. Kilo also makes a staring appearance in his own story which is currently unnamed, though in the story, Kilo's appearance is drastically changed, but the personality remains.

Written Work[edit]

So far, Kilo only has one story done. He is thinking of a sequel only after he finishes the story he is currently on.

Untitled Story in Progress (working title: Southpaw): Kilo has finished this story in his notebook, but has yet to transfer it to his computer and then to FA. the story consists of ten 'chapters' or 'posts' of the ten, only three are available online as of yet. post #1 Southpaw post #2 Resistance post #3 Red-eye