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First of all, forgive the crudeness of this page as I am still learning how to speak in a way others can understand.

I'm in the process of finding out more about myself. I have just hatched, in a sense, recently. I'm waiting for my wings to dry. While I'm grounded I am exploring what I am in essence. Soon enough my wings will spread and I will begin to soar.

If I'm correct in what I see, great things are in store for the furry community as well as my fellow dragon kin.

I shall add more here as I discover more.

For now, what I can tell you is that I am silver in colour.

Silver, something along the lines of a western dragon with some celtic thrown in for flavour. Probably a storm dragon given my love of storms I appear to be a hermaphrodite though my incarnated form doesn't reflect this yet. I am a healer in an energetic sense for now.

As I explore who I am, I will write more. I do this more as a means of self-exploration and logging when I had a sort of realization/epiphany/revelation/what-have-you. I'm also exploring how to create a wiki as something to write my thoughts down in and my notion of how things work. So as my understanding of wikis increases, this page will look better and probably have more information about me.

My demeanor may come off a bit tomboyish at times.

And I am working with a hypothesis that cats and dragons have a common ancestor.

Much love and light to you all