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Mr. David R. Dorrycott is a sixty-year old white haired dude (what hair still exists) who writes stories for his own amusement. He is safely trapped in a fifty year old house in San Antonio, Texas. A house that is falling apart and with no social life he sits in front of his computer, gaining weight as he creates more and more unreadable text. Those who have stumbled across his web site have been known to run screaming in pain as they pour bleach in their eyes trying to erase the disasters that they have read.

Seriously, I really have no social life and haven’t since my children were born twenty-four years ago. I’m a house-husband you see. I am not involved with the local Anthro (furry) scene. Even if I could find them, they would probably just throw me out anyway. Nor have I any ‘Furry Persona’ though one artist did draw me as something of a pack-rat. I am a member of the Solar Guard, a book and cat lover and a dog hater. I have a certificate from the F.A.I. for a worlds record in model rocketry. 1,139 meters altitude from the '70's. Thus I enter no further contests.

I have edited and published several APA’s, was a member of the now defunct Dallas Brawl Update and Midnight Sonata. I currently write for North American Fur and am the creator of the infamous Nightmares Are Not Always Dreams (which NAF declined to publish and I pulled from the UMA.)

I helped put on several SF Conventions in Lubbock Texas with Mrs. Mel. White (Duncan and Mallory, Dallas Brawl Update) and a few friends. Called CapCon, for the Caprock Lubbock sits on, our committee was called the CapCon-ConCom. If you can find Mrs. White, ask to see the cartoon’s that she drew of those days. I have also attended several A-Kon’s but none since A-Kon Seven. It’s a money thing.

I work mainly in Mr. Ken Fletchers Spontoon Island Shared World, though I am trying to ramp up my own Spaceopera shared world. Currently though there is little interest.

Occasionally, when I have a few coins, I commission artists to create images of my characters or from my works.