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Furries of domination is a new rookie furry group from Sweden. The members are Yang, Ali and Bani. they don't got any songs released yet.
Furries of domination logo, from left to right, Bani, Yang, Ali.

Furries of domination is a group that base their music on bands such as B.A.P, Skillet, Black veil brides, EXO but mostly based on Blood on the dance floor.


BORN 1997 25th July

HEIGHT 182cm

POSITIONS Lead vocal, rapper and visual A.K.A face of the group

ROLE MODEL Jayy Von Monroe and Moon Jong-up


BORN 1996 19th December

HEIGHT 153cm

POSITIONS Lead vocal

ROLE MODEL Singers of Blood on the dance floor and Singer in Black veil brides


BORN 1999 31th October

HEIGHT 185cm

POSITIONS Lead rapper, sub vocal

ROLE MODEL don't have one yet

OTHER POSITIONS camera man sometimes


Stage name and positions Full name and age
Yang - Lead vocal, rap, visual Kenny Laakso 17
Ali - Lead vocal Alicia Matilda Behrendtz 18
Bani - Lead rap, sub vocal Mathias Eriksson 14