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KendellWyn is a Dutch anthro/furry artist. His fursona is a malamute/husky breed named Kendell, which he had changed after a couple of years for he wanted to seperate regular work from his anthro/furry-related work.

Personal life[edit]

KendellWyn frequently wonders about the relation between man, anthropomorphism and it's (sexual) attraction.

Art and style[edit]

KendellWyn started out by making familiar male characters without paying much attention to the physique. As his abilities grew, he began to create more realistic, cartoon-ish characters by paying more attention to the male form and facial expression, wanting to make his characters look more lifelike.


KendellWyn's fursona is a malamute/husky named Kendell, after it's creator. Kendell's design and look has changed a lot over the years as his skills grew, first starting with a scruffy sketched version to being more refined and detailed. He has brown/white fur and suffers from heterochromia; his eyes are emerald green and ocean blue. Kendell has three tattoos, consisting of two bands on his lower right arm, a snake on his inner wrist and a stave with the line 'keep_on be-lie-ving'. He also wears two black earrings and a red collar with a yellow tag, where KendellWyn's signature can be seen.

Despite KendellWyn having his fursona, he isn't interested in fursuiting at all.

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