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Keegan Wolf AKA Cascade Husky, A fursuiter and furry lifestyler currently living in Blanchard, Oklahoma. His fursona is perceived as a plain grey & white wolf with typical husky markings.


First introduced into the anthropomorphic scene by playing a role in a seventh grade school play, Keegan interpreted a character in an off-beat comical version of Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm, playing the 'Big Bad Wolf'. Afterward he had found himself finding childhood inspirations in characters of afternoon cartoons such as 'Darkwing Duck', 'Tail Spin', and especially the original Saturday AM version of 'Sonic the hedgehog', as well as many other versions of anthropomorphic based television shows. Keegan also began drawing art for friends in his free time.

For years afterwards Keegan had found himself inspired by furry based media including IRC channels, Furcadia, MUCK, and variations of literature depicting the furry lifestyle, especially 'The Journal Entries' By Elf Sternberg, A novel series depicting the life and times of anthropomorphic creatures and their travels and tribulations. At the time he was known only as 'CyberFox' or 'Aurora', A fox creature whom was partially constructed of animatronic prosthetic moving parts.

Keegan joined the Second Life community in 2005 under the name 'Keegan Thunders' , or alt account 'Keegan Wolff', and had eventually established the popular 'Wolves Den' club which premiered in Furnation in early 2007 until the latter part of 2008, and as of late is under reconstruction.

Keegan has attended many conventions including Oklacon since 2005, MFF, AC, MFM, Wild Nights, FF, and RMFC (not rcfm). Keegan also avidly participates in local fursuiting events, furmeets, and occasionally does paid work for The Mascot Organization.