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Kazuki Ferret is a hyena from Toledo Ohio, although he currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He's a self proclaimed gun nut and is also a chain smoker. Aside from slowly killing himself he draws and writes stories that vary in nature from Military Fiction, Horror, Anime fan fiction, survival stories and then comedy. His stories are hosted on

Kazuki is color blind in one eye from a head injury when he was young and draws in mostly black and white. He has userpages on deviant art, furraffinity, and furry art pile. Most of his poems are on his furraffinity page.

Kazuki joined the furry fandom in early 2007. He has a mostly apathetic view on the world around him although those who manage to befriend him find him to be zany and a spaziod at times. He has a twisted and dry sense of humor, and is by his own admission perverted.

Kazuki can be found on these websites