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Kathera Lockharte[edit]

Kathera Lockharte is a herm Gryphoness, shi is mated to a red dragon named Rax Zenova, and loves making friends, hir friends include Spike Papp, Spike Nico, Anoki Gryphon, Zeo Mayo, Redfanggrathing, Genanna Kanto, Oki Korobase, Rayane Gisanko, Tease Poutine, ClapantGrifin Wolfee Darkfang, Slyfoxtail, and many many others, shi enjoys drawing furry art, both yiffy and non yiffy, but usually draws yiffy art because it is fun to draw and has a wild imagination, shi dislikes trolls who blows things way out of proportion, however does have a few friends who are trolls, though names shall remain anonymous to protect the identities of these individuals from their troll friends.

Kathera Lockharte On Second Life

Hir Second Life name is Kathera Larkham and shi works at Club Rainbow Tiger as a dancer, a DJ, and is in charge of hiring new dancers, so just look up Kathera Larkham if you have second life and add hir, since shi enjoys making new friends, just don't expect to stay on the friends list if your a griefer, shi hates anti furry griefers, however shi does know a few furries who are also griefers, shi does not support griefing, but if they aren't bothering hir, then shi dosen't give a flying F***k, as long as they behave shi is fine with them.

Kathera Lockharte's fight against trolling

Shi is currently trying to get some trolls off hir friends back on youtube, hir username on there is furgryphon, and many of hir friends on Youtube, including Wolfee Darkfang, Wolfee is being attacked by trolls, some of which are DOXING him, while others are accusing him of Bestiality and saying he is a Zoophile, here is the catch, Bestiality and Zoophilia are two different things, how does shi know, well shi has read up on the difference, bestiality is the act of using animals in sex, Zoophilia is where someone just has a profound attraction to animals which is not always sexual, Zoophilia literally means animal lover, which does not always mean making love to an animal, in fact anyone who loves animals, Eg. someone who is fond of dogs or cats and has them as pets, can be concidered a Zoophile, where as someone who uses animals in sex acts whether or not the animal wants it or not, are bestilists and ARE sickos, and the so called zoophile that was under the troll crossfire is a bestilist known as Dalhusky, even I am against him, I do not want to kill him, but if I did run into him in real life, I would try and talk some sense into him, telling him that whether or not your in a dog costume, it does not mean you can commit bestiality without outright raping the animal you claim to love so much, that is not what furry is, furries are a fun loving group of people who share an interest in anthropomorphic animal people, yes there is the fetish side, but Anime has its fetish side and yet none of the trolls are raising a stink over hentei, but the moment furry and yiff is mentioned, its an immediate yiff 1n hell furfag response from them, we furs don't know why they care what us furs fap to, because we don't give two sh*ts about what they fap to, so why should the trolls get all jumpy over yiff.

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Kathera Lockharte on the internet

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