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Kameron-Luc Caroor just "Kameron" or "Kam" usually''''''' (born Sept. 17th 1987) Is a babyfur spottyfox (half fox/half jaguar although predominately more fox) living in and going to college in Joplin, MO, pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Kameron is also a very devoted father and uncle to quite a few other babyfurs. He has 4 sons and one daughter in this case and 2 nephews. He has a tradition of giving a full name to his kits like if they really were his children, using his original last name in the furry fandom, "Kendrick".

His kits include (in order by r/l age oldest to youngest)

Brendan Axel Kendrick Miles Donovan Kendrick Cassandra Isabel Kendrick Conner Finlay Kendrick Lucas Brian Kendrick

His two nephews are Swift Fox, and Keres Rozano.

Now, to avoid confusion with the last name stated in the beginning and the last name of his children, Kameron started out in the furry fandom as a babyfur on July 4th 2004. The name he chose was "Kameron Dylan Kendrick" and as such, he became more known by his initials "KDK" which a select few do tend to still call him to this day.

In the beginning of 2005, he met Lance Caro (who goes by the name "Fluffy Lil' Wyvern") and became his nephew. Given a few the time of Kameron's 18th (or 2nd if you want to look at it like that :P) birthday in September, Lance was his full-fledged Daddyfur and he allowed Lance to rename him to his liking....adopting his current name of Kameron-Luc Caro.

In his free time, Kameron enjoys watching pro wrestling, strumming on his guitar (although he's not at all good at it) or learning foreign languages (can speak Japanese and French near fluently and has tried his paw at Spanish and Russian so far)