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About Kamata[edit]

Hi, my real world name is Michael Phelps. However online I tend to go by the name Kamata (Where available) Other known names for me are: Caelas, Rezeni and Zenlos though are only used in the case that my main is not available to me.

I'm a huge fan and avid community member of Furcadia and have been since 2004 however my (now) main character has been around since early 2006.

Role in Furcadia[edit]

Through the years I've been a member of Furcadia I have been involved in many Groups and Guilds. My first group was RKA (Royal Knights Army) a Role Playing group. The countless between the years are not all remembered however here is a small list to give you an idea: Keiroko City, The Golden Tether, Kusunoki High School And the OOC/Socializing/Help groups Pixel Virtuosa, Furre Paw News, Paw Pad Podcast, The Dreamers Archive (TDA) Being the Owner of the last 3.

I have also had my own RP guilds such as: Starship Horizon, Heavens Gate, Haraizumi, Helios Quest.

Currently I am associated with TDA (The Dreamers Archive and PVG (Pixel Virtuosa Group) Which TDA is affiliated with. My main focus is currently on the Beekins. As a group head of the welcomers, Teacher Elder and member of the Masons and Scribes. However my first group was the Beekin Helpers.


I occasionally take part in Role Play with my above mentioned usernames, all of which found their origins in Furcadia. The ones listed above are all currently registered characters (Which will not expire) though I have played under various other character names in the past.

OOC Life[edit]

In the real world I am a Manager for a family owned company. I manage a shop whilst also taking the role of Customer Support, Community Manager and Website Design and maintenance. I am currently learning the Japanese language and also learning to play the Piano. My favorite hobby is Skiing and raced within the British Army Skiing tournament whilst a member of the Armed Forces from 2008-2012. I am currently improving my Web Development skills that prove ever useful in my Scribe role for Furcadia and my Companies online commerce.

Other Notes[edit]

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