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Greetings. My name is Kali Noel Paige, and I am a proud member of the furry fandom. I have actually been, unofficially, a member of the furry fandom for pretty much my entire life; it wasn't until early 2009 that I even found out that there was one giant community of people just like me. My beginnings as a furry were not like most; though I did love all the classic Disney movies featuring both anthropomorphic and feral animals, my interest came from primarily writing adventures about my fictional character.

Why I'm Here[edit]

I came to WikiFur in the hopes of being an invaluable asset to the team of proud furries that give their time and effort into making this proud informational database what it is. What I hope to accomplish is helping to make this Wiki an informative resource for furries and non-furries alike to turn to, in hopes of avoiding the latter getting the wrong impression of what being a furry truly means.

I believe that the primary reason the furry fandom gets such a bad reputation is because of all of the percieved "sickness" that goes on within the fandom. It is my hope to curb some unneeded content; not neccessarily removing ALL pages related to yiff, per se, but rather cleaning it up for readers who may not want such vulgarities blatantly explained to them.

I also believe that WikiFur could be so much more. WikiFur could be a useful resource to turn to for all sorts of fur-related matters, whether it be the history of the fandom, key sources of media that have proven to be a time-honored source of inspiration for new users to become a furry, and a useful resource for those few parents that don't want their children to become furries to come to to understand what the fandom is about.

Therefore, I shall begin a systemic process of improvement, be it simple grammar improvement to a page (I do have extensive experience as a writer!), the creation of new pages I feel are desperately needed, the carving of unneeded or unneccessary material from pages, and so much more.