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FRESH-T is a mnemonic created by Chiaroscuro for the components of the cost of attending a furry convention.

Each letters stand for:

Daily food and drink. It is critical to keep yourself nourished as conventions will have many activities.
Admittance/membership fees for the convention. Can be paid at doors, but usually cheaper if you pre-register.
Chiaroscuro recommends setting aside at least $20 for unexpected costs. Do not depend on ATMs as many people will use them during the con weekend.
Buying stuff at the dealers room, art show, auction, and perhaps outside the con; the most variable cost.
Costs of lodging. Many people share rooms to split this cost. Conventions sometimes reserve rooms for attendees, and there might be other ways of lodging like staying in the home of some friend/relative.
Getting to and from the convention, as well as getting from hotel to the con and back.

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