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Kai the Uncia


I have two fursonas that I shift between. The first is a large feline, with the physique of a snow leopard, but red fur and unique black markings, name Kai. Because of it's anatomical similarity to snow leopards I call it an Uncia, after the snow leopard genus. One noticable feature about Kai (aside from her makings) are her aquamarine pupil-less eyes. She stands 4' 5" (about 1.2 meters) at the shoulder, and weights around 400lbs.

My second theriotype is an anthropomorphic dragon named Felkes. She has purple scales with a sort of gem-like quality to them. Her horns are a pearly, opalescent white, and eyes are pupil-less aquamarine, like Kai's. Felkes' wings are combination leather-feathered wings. They're the typical leather, bat-like wings with two of the three layers of feathers that a bird's wings has. Felkes stands just under six feet tall.


I lead a lot of my life in virtual space. Socializing with friends on forums and instant messengers, and attending to a nice army of virtual pets. What time I don't spend online, I'm either working on a commission, or spending time with my friends, family or mate. Here's a nice little breakdown, though, of what activities I enjoy both on and off-line.

Virtual Activities[edit]

Off-Line Activities[edit]

When not online I enjoy:

  • Drawing
  • Crafts
    • Tail making
    • Crochet
    • Latch hook
    • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Roleplaying (mostly tabletop games)