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This page is an unofficial article about what the players do when they play Battlefield 2, for now it is probably never going to be on its own page, but rather an extention to Kago's (Squall's) userpage. Starting on Day 8 I'm including match scores with quotes.

Player List[edit]

The Regulars (Stars)[edit]

  • [GR]{CSI}Lt._Squall
  • =KHA==KBO==Gravy
  • =KHA=DesertRat
  • =KHA=Hellgirl
  • Eclipse
  • derek704
  • =KHA=Negative
  • =KHA=TrevFirestorm
  • =KHA=Jerry
  • =KHA=SheWolf
  • -=WS=-Outkasted05
  • =KHA=Isabel_Lucas
  • =KHA=Aragorn

Other Players (Guest Stars)[edit]

  • c.c.h.p.hell (Day 5)
  • guigedman (Day 5)
  • downright82 (Day 5)
  • Humbug pants_TOHC (Day 5)

The Server[edit]

The =KHA= 24/7 Wake server is well known about by the many players who try to get in to play each night. With a 40 person server capacity this server is constantly full, so unless you are a =KHA= member or if you have TeamSpeak and an admin's on, there are slim chances you'll get in once it's full without waiting.


Day 1 (22 December 2006)[edit]

GR.:.Lt._Squall: Hablo español, también.
=KHA=SheWolf=: You'll blow who up for how much?

Day 2 (23 December 2006)[edit]

=KHA=DesertRat: Are you doing the boat trick again Trev?
=KHA=TrevFirestorm: Huh?
=KHA=DesertRat: I've got a bunch of people whining that you're hacking.
=KHA=TrevFirestorm: Oh, yeah.

Day 3 (27 December 2006)[edit]

Quote 1[edit]

=KHA=Jerry: He teamkilled us and we can't even kick his [bleep] for it.

Quote 2[edit]

=KHA=Jerry: I just got TKed by something flying around.

Day 4 (28 December 2006)[edit]

=KHA=Jerry: Stop shooting me in my ear.

Day 5 (29 December 2006)[edit]

Quote 1[edit]

Eclipse: I just rolled over my commander with my helicopter.

Quote 2[edit]

c.c.h.p.hell: Can I be [on the] Chinese [team]? (Third time he asked and talked about CS:S servers)
Eclipse: What is this guy talking about is he okay or is he chemically unstable?
[GR]{CSI}Lt._Squall: I think you mean mentally unstable.

Quote 3[edit]

-=WS=-Outkasted05: No driving to airfield moron!
[GR]{CSI}Lt._Squall: Somebody's name is moron?
-=WS=-Outkasted05: It is now.

Quote 4[edit]

guigedman: Do you know how to drive a helicopter?
[GR]{CSI}Lt._Squall: Don't you fly those?

Quote 5[edit]

=KHA==KBO=Gravy: 10 people waiting for a plane and you let them steal it?

Quote 6[edit]

=KHA=Hellgirl: He picked you up, but he didn't pick me up...leave a lady in distress...a[bleep]wipe.

Day 6 (1 January 2007)[edit]

=KHA=Aragorn: Aw crap, son of a crapper!

Day 7 (6 January 2007)[edit]

Quote 1[edit]

=KHA=Hellgirl: Some guy tanked to the airfield and got the [bleep] blown out of him.

Quote 2[edit]

[GR]{CSI}Lt._Squall: I want some squishy credits.
=KHA==KBO=Gravy: *chuckling* Squishy credits.

Quote 3[edit]

=KHA==KBO=Gravy: [bleep] that was a my new car! (DPV)