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General knowledge

  The Anacoonda are in fact a created species. In this new continuity it is one of the few reasons that they survived the near appocalypse of S'Kai (the cause is something to be revealed later). In spite of that, their numbers have been virtually cut in half, wiping out some of he smaller tribes altogether, but bringing those that remain closer as a community. Old rivalries still remain however, and new feuds are bound to start..
  Appearance wise, Anacoonda are generally quite tall; females average close to 6 feet and males almost 7. Females have four fingered hands and three toed feet. Males also have three fingered hands, but where females have humanoid legs and feet, the males have digit rare legs and splayed, two toed feet. Both genders are covered in fine scales over most of their bodies, except from mid forearm to fingers, mid calves to toes, and the mask that covers the upper part of the face across the eyes. These areas grow out in a black fine fur rather than scales. The tail is long and thick, also covered if fur with raccoon rings, but he underside has the same exposed scales that are also found on the lower half of the face and continue down the throat, over the chest and abdomen and end at the crotch.
  Scales come in a variety of colours depending on the tribe, though some are attached to specific vocations. Both genders have a natural colour shifting ability that makes it extremely difficult to see them when they are not moving. Males are vastly stronger than females and able to uproot small trees barehanded. Females are generally more agile and have some healing abilities  (usually enhanced with herblore) along with a venomous bite.
  Mating season comes twice a year and involves group sex for hours at a time. Couples still form lifelong bonds if their feeling for each other are strong enough, but that is put aside for mating season.
  Females gestate eggs in pairs for 2 months before laying them in a communal nest where they are looked after for another 2 months before they hatch. 
  The young are raised communally as well for the first 6 years, then are taught by various craft masters until they find where they fit in. Regardless of their chosen vocation, all, male and female, are taught to fight well and survive almost anywhere.
  At the tender age of 12 Astrid was  caught by humans who would have sold her into slavery, had the appocalypse not have started the same day. 
  Humans as a race died out almost completely in the weeks that followed, and Astrid wandered across a plague choked wasteland in a daze, slowly starving to death, until a small group of Anacoonda found her and brought her to what they called the Oasis.
 It became home for Astrid and her people, and the few survivors of the other races. In time it became an armed city and one of the few safe places left in the world.
  Astrid was too old to be placed in a cresh and raised with hatchlings, and her experiences in the early wasteland left her scarred emotionally. In an attempt to help her heal, two other Anacoonda a few years younger, who's experiences we similar, we're introduced to her and given into her care. In time Astrid began to come around an began to take on the role of surrogate parent for her two charges.
  The unique lineage of her adopted siblings had a profound effect on the trio, and their dependency on each other became symbiotic in nature - they felt what each other felt, knew each other's strongest emotions, and began to demonstrate the ability to use each other's skills.
  This brought them to the attention of the masters of Oasis, and one in particular who took it upon herself to see to their training as a group.
  When the end came Gwynth was in her tiny village. Being so far removed from virtually everything and sheltered in a vast cave actually spared her tribe the brunt of the devastation. But when supplies ran low and they were forced to venture out into the unknown, few returned, and those that did came back sickly and worn out. Fewer and fewer were left until only Gwynth and 4 others were strong enough to search for desparately needed food.
  They searched for a long time, shocked and disillusioned at the desolation of the landscape. Only when they decided to turn back did they realise they had become completely lost. 
  Weakened by so much wandering, and their meager supplies long gone, they succomed to fever and collapsed one after the other.
   A small patrol that had ventured out too far came across Gwynth and the only other survivor of her group by chance. They shared their meager supplies, risking their own lives , but judging it a worthy cause; no one had so far seen any survivors from Gwyth's tribe, the Maho-Tsukai, the Arcanites.
  The masters of Oasis recognized Gwynth and her fellow tribesman for what they were, and went out of their way not only to nurse them back to health, but to continue and enhance their studies. 
  When it became apparent that her experiences in the rapidly growing wasteland  were more than she could cope with on her own, it was decided that Gwynth would benefit from dedicated time with more of her own kind. 
  Astrid and Orn were chosen to be her surrogate "family" in the hopes that she would start to heal in the company of others, particularly those who had shared similar experiences.
  Like Gwynth, Orn was exposed to the apocalypse at a young age. Like Astrid however, he was out in the world when it all began and had a first hand view as everything happened.
  Death came from above and reshaped the world he was born into. His village, only one of three for his tribe, was nearly swallowed whole as a chasm opened up beneath it, and few managed to outrun it. 
  The survivors banded together and at Orn's insistance, headed in the direction he had indicated. Impressed by his certainty that they were traveling toward safety, the small group of Anacoonda picked their way across the devastation that had become their world for days before setting their eyes on Oasis.
  Few of the N'dio Kimya (Silent Ones) tribe survived to make it to Oasis and like Gwynth, Orn's arrival there was noticed by many, and seen as a good sign.
  Gifted with an uncanny sense of direction, many patrols wished to have young Orn with them dispite his age. Common sense won out and though he wished to aid the patrols with his skill, Orn needed to heal his fractured persona first.