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KJ Nightwolf[edit]

KJNightwolf is a fursuiter/artist from Memphis, Tennessee.This person has started making fursuits at around late 2009.The start of his suit making came from the showing of the fandom through a college friend that he had. Fursuit prices were making suit acquisition out of his reach that he(?) took it upon himself to learn and make his own.

He has also appeared in various conventions:

Conventions Attended[edit]
  • Mephit Furmeet 2011 (as KayJay)
  • Texas Furry Fiesta 2012 (as Alphons)
  • Furry Weekend Atlanta 2012 (as Lytnin Hund)
  • RCFM 2012 (as Lytnin)
  • Mephit Fur Meet 2012 (asLeone)
  • Fangcon 1 (2012) (as Lytnin Hund)

Future Conventions(So far):[edit]

  • FWA 2013
  • Anthrocon 2013
  • Fangcon 2(?)
  • Mephit Furmeet 2013

He is not known much in the fandom due to keeping a low profile in terms of commissions to better his quality and get a feel for business.He has since opened up to the public via FA (KJNightwolf, Furaffinity)

Fursuits Created:[edit]

  • Memphus Panther(mid 2009)
  • Geist(white tiger early 2010)
  • Alphons Redcat(Red demon panther late 2010)
  • KayJay(Later KJNightwolf. Early 2011)
  • Lytnin & Thunder Hund(Twin zombie wolf/sheps)
  • Leone Darkat(2012 Demon Siamese)
  • Abigor Firelite(Commission done)
  • BigbadNightwolf(Name of fursona unknown.Commission done)

Future Suits (June July completion)[edit]

  • Cygnus(anthro swan)
  • Atrayus(Alternate Dimension Pitbull)


  • KJNightwolf was a former "furry skeptic" or "hater" due to bad rep given through news casts/tv shows

but now actively participates and supports the fandom.

  • Has since retired the fursuit performance of Memphus Panther due to damage ,but plans on remaking him in the future.
  • dances and paints as a hobby
  • KJ physically appears female(mostly) but identifies as male due to personal experiences and changes that happened over time.