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About JunoWolf[edit]

JunoWolf is an Anthropomorphic Folf (fox/wolf). He has all fox coloring with a wolf color pattern and blue eyes. He goes by the name Juno but his full name is JunoWolf (wolf being his last name).

He can best be reached on FA: Or F4L:

Love Life[edit]

Juno is very happily mated to Huskers. He has very strong feelings for his husky and one day would like to settle down with him. Get a house, with a fence and a dog. He can't envision the rest of his life without Huskers in it.


Juno was built in early 09 by ScribbleFox of OneFurAll Studios. The head is helmet based and the body suit is front-entry style. The tail is attached through a hole in the body suit to a belt.

The Person[edit]

Juno was born in Portland, Maine in December of 1986. He is the first member of his direct family line to leave Maine for any length of time in 373 years. He is currently enlisted in the U.S. Navy and holds the rank of E-5. He has plans to finish a degree in applied nuclear science and work in a civilian power plant.


Juno made his debut at FWA 09 with plans to attend AC09 and FurFright09. 2010 is still up in the air although FWA is almost certain.