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A human whose age is currently unknown. He is the creator of Fenrir Bansche. Fenrir Bansche (sounds like "banshee") is a wolf-Jiralhanae. A lone wolf with a troubled past. His father, a Jiralhanae (Brute), fleed to Earth when his species was destroyed. He mated with an unknown wolf female, who would be Fenrir's mother, and died hours later. When Fenrir was born, he was roughly 3 feet tall; not normal for most infants. And when he was examined closer, he was found to have lungs made of two materials: One normal, the other thick and leather-like. This seemed to cause some problems breathing, having to cough so much. He was also found to have two hearts; one normal, the other was pitch black, and the blood released from it was thick, like pudding, and was a dark purple, almost black, and flammable. It seemed to flow through a different set of veins.

As he grew up, his mother grew more and more cruel. She had him work for hours, to cook, iron her clothes, everything. Eventually, he ran away from home, and had to live homeless and unwanted.