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Jora, born June 4th, 1987; is the fursona of Jordan O'Keefe, a student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Jora is a gay lion.

Real Life[edit]

Jora is a full time student who's taking Information Technology this September (Sept. 2nd, 2008), through the Nova Scotia Community College aka NSCC. Before that he was taking Architectural Engineering Technician (2007-2008) again through NSCC, and two years of Math and Physics at Mount Saint Vincent University aka MSVU (2005-2007). Jora stands 6'2" tall with brown hair and eyes and usually dresses in jeans and plain t-shirts of red, blue, black, and green. During the summer Jora works full time at M&M Meat Shops which works out great for him due to his love of things cold.