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Artist Badge at right drawn by Angel Jules Studios [1] for Jigsaw Forte at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2007.
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Jigsaw Forte (aka Rachel Keslensky) is a furry artist in Atlanta, GA, and creator of the cyberpunk webcomic series Last Res0rt, which updates weekly.

While following the Furry Fandom for some time, she has only become heavily involved with the fandom since 2007, and is often seen at Furry Weekend Atlanta (as well as other Atlanta-area conventions). She is often found in the Artist's Alley, if not the Dealer's Den.

She uses a 'homegrown' fursona, a diminutive Talmi (alien feline marsupial) vampire, which is also one of the primary characters in Last Res0rt.

WikiFur Manifesto[edit]

Jigsaw believes WikiFur best serves its users when gives its readers important information that readers actually want, in a writing style that is both factual and direct. Wikifur should be updated constantly, with information that is worthwhile to both new readers and veteran furs.

Many of her edits are in line with this level of thinking, often cleaning up articles in the name of making WikiFur a resource that readers honestly want to use. Typically this means that personal pages (except those in userspace, of course!) are likely to be targeted for cleanup, as these often either don't have enough information to be useful, or too much information that is likely to repulse a reader.

For pages about artists and comics, she recommends including pictures with the pages (so long as there aren't more pictures than text!)

(Also, Jigsaw loves userboxes. Please add more.)

Conventions Attended[edit]

She is often seen at several Atlanta-area conventions.

Anime Weekend Atlanta
1998, 2002, 2005-2013
Furry Weekend Atlanta
2005-2011, 2013

Jigsaw will try to find space in the Artist's Alley or Dealer's Den whenever possible.

Convention Art Contributed[edit]

2009 Mephit Fur Meet
2010 Antheria
2012 Furnal Equinox
2013 Megaplex
2012 Furry Fiesta
2008 PhreakNIC
2013 DefCON (Scavenger Hunt)

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