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Janner Also known as Jannerdog and Benji is a resident (as the name suggests) of Plymouth in Devon, England. Born in June 1982 in Lambeth, London he moved with his parents to his new home in 1987. As a definate newcomer to the furry fandom as a whole and even more recent adoptee into the UK fandom Janner's notoriety is fairly low at present.

Character Origins and Development[edit]

Janner, the fursona of one Benji was borne upon the world in April 2007. However he is a development of an earlier character which predates Benji's knowledge of the fandom by many years. The earliest incarnation was known as "Chomper". Chomper a fun and always hungry husky was created as a childhood game in 1988 and continued being acted out by Benji for many years, until peer pressures forced the character to become redundant. After many years however the character was brought back and given a makeover for the new millennium. He still held all his frolicing fun but now evolved slightly from Husky to German Shepherd.

Beliefs and lifestyle[edit]

Benji holds dear his faith as a Christian although has an aversion to forcing beliefs on others and as such has a dislike of others who would do such a thing. As such he has some plans to integrate his faith and fursona and has joined a couple of Christian Fur communities on Livejournal. Benji is one half of a monogomous relationship with a non fur known only as Stacey, who has a phobia of people in masks. Something which can cause issues when you're engaged to a fursuiter.

Janner mk1[edit]

Janner suit1small.JPG

Janner Mk1 is the first incarnation of a fursuit depicting Janner. It is a partial suit amalgamated from different sources all at budget cost. The head was made as a collaboration between Taran of RotterdamTechno and some as yet unknown entity, The tail is a black and white wolfesque tail made by Joecifur of B3 productions, and the hand paws were home made by Benji. Although this suit is almost finished Benji is quick to point out it is definately a Mk1 and a full suit will be made at some point.

Where to find Janner[edit]

Janner currently resides on the interweb, he can frequently be seen on UKfur as well as in the LiveJournal of his creator (Benji) and his own newly created journal (Jannerdog). Janner has also been spotted on the Funday pawpet Show when a video of him was shown "doing a barrel roll" This video has since been taken off Youtube by Benji for fear of people getting the wrong idea.

Janner can also be found attending Bristol fur meets where he will be more than happy to hugg with anyone. He has also confirmed his attendance to RBW 2007 and is planning to attend some London Fur meets when time and funds allow.