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Sheinko's Group Symbol.

Sheinko (IXI for abbreviation) is an American underground Private Group that originated in Tustin, California on October 9th, 2006, and carried over into Buena Park, California during Summer of 2007. The group was founded by Christopher Johnson as the group's Leader, and Jenny Le as the group's Guardian. The groups activities took place mostly during 2006 - 2008, and the group split up officially from their foundation on June 16th, 2011, but activities continue to this day. This group was also the theme for an album released by Bandit the Raccoon, but the group itself is not associated with the fandom except for the fact a few members of the community are part of it.


File:Sheinko Factory.png
"The Factory", the nickname of the group's base for meetings.

On October 9th, 2006 at 2:40 PM, Christopher Johnson, Jenny Le, Daniel Hamamoto and Christian Gonzalez initiated the formation of the Sheinko, an underground group created to symbolize the Unity, Purity, Power, and Loyalty of their friendship. These were the four foundations that defined the symbol of the group (IXI), which Jenny had created, as well as the name. The foundations were decided by each of the members from their own input (Chris [Unity], Jenny [Power], Daniel [Purity], Christian [Loyalty]). During this time, the group was in middle school (7th grade). Groups & Clubs created by students were not allowed in their school due to exclusion, hence the group's underground title. Meetings took place inside and outside of school grounds, on campus they would discuss outside problems at "The Factory", the name of their base which was the playground set up in their school. This concept was based off influences of the Code Lyoko series.


Gen. Name & Position Status.
Active Retired Exiled
2nd Andre Abreo (Combatant) *
1st Christian Gonzalez (Combatant) *
1st Christopher Johnson (Leader) *
1st Daniel Hamamoto (Combatant) *
2nd Israel Laun (Combatant) *
1st Jenny Le (Guardian) *
3rd Saul DeAnda (Combatant) *

1st Generation[edit]

The 1st Generation of the group started with Christopher, Jenny, Daniel and Christian in middle school (7th grade, 2006). During this time the group generally had no conflicts except for other students who were mainly against the leader (Chris) because of current rivalries at that time. Their goals were to expose the groups secrecy and have it shut down. Andre was a temporary ally for the group at one point during this generation, but was not accepted into the group at this time. Jenny had moved away during the summer of the following year, when the group had transitioned over to the High School campus, Christian was also separated from the group by being in another class and wasn't in contact with the group at this time. The group had decided to use one of the two playgrounds on the campus as their new base for meetings and missions.

2nd Generation[edit]

File:New Factory for Sheinko Group.png
The new "Factory", the group's 2nd base for meetings.

Israel was recruited into the group due to his friendship with Jenny, and the group continued on, Christian was still in another class at this time, and was unable to participate in group meetings. The group began using the older playground as their new base for meetings and missions. During the following year (now in 8th grade, 2007), the group was no longer separated and had moved into a new class. Israel eventually moved away during the year, and Andre was asked to join the group due to his beneficial alliance in the past. Israel declared his retire from the group before leaving. Strong emphasis on the Unity and Power foundations were expressed due to quarrels between group members and other students within the campus. Chris had gotten back in touch with Jenny during this time, but Jenny was unable to participate in the group's activites. Jenny did not declare her retire, but was not considered active either.

3rd Generation[edit]

File:3rd generation group pic.png
The 3rd Generation of the group standing on their base. (From left to right: Saul, Chris, Andre, Christian)

During the time where the group reached their Freshman year of High School (2007 - 2008), they had met Saul through catching him spying on the group's activities. Saul was denied membership into the group, and was only accepted into the group after Chris had seen how well Saul was able to be selective when it came to gossip and secrets. Saul's stealth granted him membership into the group, which had 5 members active at the time (the most the group has ever had active at one time) [excluding Jenny]. Daniel had moved away during the group's Sophomore year in High School, which set the group back to 4 active members (Daniel did not declare his retire at this time and was unable to contact the group during this time). Saul was already a Senior in High School at this time and had graduated not too long after Daniel's leave of the state, which put the group down to 3 active members. Due to the low amount of members, the group struggled to keep up with most of their missions (some of which consisted of protecting eachother from rival students from gangs who would threaten members of the group).


File:Sheinko 1st Generation Brotherhood Last Stand.png
The 1st Generation Brotherhood of the group standing on their 2nd base for the final time. (From left to right: Daniel, Chris, Christian)

As the remaining active members of the group reached their senior year, Christian was once again separated from the group while Andre and Chris were put into another classroom together. Christian had become less active with the group during the Senior year, but did not declare his retire. Andre transfered to another school during the Senior year, leaving Christopher and Christian separated, and unable to act on missions together. Daniel had returned to California in time to visit the 2 graduating members during the ceremony on June 16th, 2011, and the 1st Gen. brotherhood took a final stand on their new base before leaving the campus. Christian indirectly declared his retire the day after.


Fights between members of the group rarely occured, but corruption was present in the group. The loyalty and strength of some members were questioned at times, and betrayal occured a few times.

Saul was once put on suspension (date unknown) from the group due to his attempt to overthrow the leader. Saul's intentions were not beneficial to the group, and did not succeed (he was not satisfied with the groups conflict with other students at the school). The suspension was also issued because Saul had revealed some of the group's activities to school staff. Saul was released from suspension after prooving his loyalty and purity to the group.

Jenny was exiled from the group during November 2011 due to harassment towards the leader (life threats towards him and his family), and insults towards all other members of the group. This was the first time an exile was ever issued towards a member of the group. As the story goes: Jenny had gotten back in touch with Chris after a month and a few weeks since the High School graduation (Jenny did end up moving away again the previous time and was out of contact with Chris for a couple years) and had become connected with all other members of the group as well (this was the only time all 7 members of the group were in contact with eachother at one time). Chris had supported Jenny with a place to stay for a few days, and shortly after, had lost contact with Jenny due to block. An argument broke out between them during mid November, and after the life threats and insults, Jenny was exiled on the spot, and all other members agreed to the exile. This had caused the greatest turmoil within the group, trust issues were heavy, and the groups purpose seemed meaningless to some. Due to Jenny's importance to the group (her being the Guardian), there was great consideration for shutting down the group, but despite recent events, the group continued on.


File:Sheinko Region Map.png
Map of the Sheinko virtual region.

The group contained a fictional side to their purpose, which was a method for entertainment. Their fictional side was a general spin-off from the Garage Kids pilot. Most would see it as a spin-off from the Code Lyoko series, but the group excludes a few elements from the series:

  • Beginning

In the fictional side of the group, the members discovered a hidden trapdoor under the school's playground, which led to an underground computer room that contained a few monitors, and 4 scanners (but only 3 were used in missions). When T.A.S.K.E. would awaken, the group would get to the factory as soon as possible and the leader would send the available members into Sheinko, where the members would have to reach the activated tower before T.A.S.K.E. could cause severe danger to the real world. The "Master Tower" was said to be T.A.S.K.E.'s main life source, but because of it's power, it could only be destroyed if all the other towers were put out of commission before it. The tower located on the water within the reigon could only be reached through special means.

  • Missions

The group would occasionally use their base as a "hidden" factory to roleplay missions of fighting against "T.A.S.K.E.", a virus that was the main enemy of the group who wanted to cause disturbances in the real world. The hidden factory would contain 4 scanners (but only 3 were used), and the leader would send any available combatants of the group into a virtual dimension named Sheinko, where they would find the activated tower and put it out of comission (instead of deactivating it which would leave it open to another attack). The group's goal was to stop T.A.S.K.E. whenever he activated a tower within the virtual region (only 1 existed), which became the main concept of the fictional side to the group, along with their actual foundations.

  • Powers and Weapons

All members of the group (except Chris), had powers and or weapons inside of Sheinko, where groups of black ghost-like orbs would lurk and protect the towers. Jenny had the ability to deactivate towers, freeze and move enemies and create digital ground for offense and defence. Daniel had a throwable razor disc via handle that acts as a boomerang. Christian was eqiped with a set of 3 semi-short blades on each arm that can rotate. Israel had enhanced strength, where his punches and kicks could destroy enemies. Andre was equipped with a claymore that could slash through enemies and be used as a shield. Saul had the ability to fire power orbs from his hands that would harm and paralyze enemies.

  • Outcomes

The group decided to be slightly more realistic with their mission outcomes than from the series. There was no "return to the past" feature, which meant the group had to be especially careful about their secret. The outcome from putting a tower out of comission would only cut off T.A.S.K.E.'s current connection to earth, and send him back to Sheinko. People outside the group who'd witness any of T.A.S.K.E.'s attacks would only be able to describe them as "paranormal activity". In the real world, T.A.S.K.E.'s appearance is described as "a sightly transpartent medium sized black orb that can float along the ground and walls, or travel around via levitatation".

  • Enemies

Outside the fictionality of the group, the only enemies were other students who were either agains the group existing, and students who harassed members of the group for other reasons. Inside the fictionality of the group, the only enemies were T.A.S.K.E., and any student who was against the group existing. Only one student was against the group existing due to being denied membership, and caused issues during the 1st generation of the group.

  • Goals

The groups fictional goal was to discover a way to eradicate T.A.S.K.E. from the factory's computer system, and shutdown the factory to prevent further troubles. Shutting down the factory would not get rid of T.A.S.K.E. as he had already been released into the world when the factory's system was activated.

Soundtrack and Media[edit]

Soundtrack to the fictionality series of Sheinko.

The group created a series of their fictional missions, split into 4 chapters revolving around the major changes of the group, along with a soundtrack that was composed, performed, and produced by Christopher Johnson. The album contains a booklet that explains the beginning and the end of the group, along with a rundown of the 1st generation members. The soundtrack was released on May 31st, 2011.