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Hello, and welcome to my userpage. I'm sure none of you know who I am so I may as well tell you a little bit about myself.

I became a furry about a year ago after talking to a particular fellow named Jon4life. He showed me an animation on DA that I forget the name of but featured anthro characters fighting in a desert town. It was beautifully animated and sparked my interest for these more detailed anime inspired animals.

I asked the young fellow about this animation and he told me some things about the fandom and I was hooked. I soon found out about ClubStripes and torrented a siterip of it and browsed its amazing archive. Soon after I printed out a picture of my new favorite character in the entire world, Peaches. I tried to imitate Miu's wonderfully cute style and simplicity; I was successful in creating a wretched picture that could only be considered a disgusting filthy whore in comparison to Miu's greatness.

I suppose the rest of my story could be summarized by saying that I went on 4chan alot and gathered a huge supply of yiff, (which to this day I still have), measuring about 1.4 Gigs. Trust me, if I wasn't so picky about quality, style and pose, I would have well over 10 Gigs.

Also shout out to my homie BrokenPaw, I love ya man.

Also thanks to HMG, BigFatLardo Sasha, ArchDrake, RapidStrike, SteelChair, Jon4life (I miss ya man), and some other people who's names I know I forgot.

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