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Hello and welcome,

I am Jade Wulf and i have been a furry since 13 May 2009, when i discovered that i have been a furry all my life. Anyway i am off track over the next few days i will be updating it so i can have all my characters in one place and so i can work on them so i can the other sites i can be found on.

My female Character

Krystalle Catherine Izabylle Crimsonpelt is the daughter of Eirene Crimsonpelt, she is a twelve year old German Sheperd-taur that has a nasty past as she was taken from her mom when she was newly born and spent four years as someones slave and her growth was stunted do to not having the proper nutrition.

Lulu Graypelt is me only character that is a mix between an Arctic Fox and a skunk and i had fun creating her. She is blind but on a site called F-list she regained her sight with the help of nanobots

Teryani Kiname

Scarlett Lysandra

Sabia Wulf


Ella Candleheart

Kasuka Noa


Mystyc Rune

My Hermaphrodites

Selin Cloudhammer

Cain Cloudhammer


My Male Characters

Roland Cloudhammer

Jade Wulf


Hyun Abia Stone

Opal Knight

Xarol Deschain

Layri Flarehammer

Caiside Ashru