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Jacob Hancock`s fursona is Mouse from Maus his father was a American Dog and his mother is a Jewish Mouse.His description is a Pure light grey mouse who wears a t-shirt and blue jeans his religion is Christan Babtist he was a little more than a infint in maus as a start when the Nazis came and when he had moved from america to germany right before the nazis came he was potrayed as a jew and thrown into of aushwits. soon after a 3 year period in the concentration camp the americans liberated the camp and set the prisoners he tells stories of his exploits and lives in present day america.In real life he has a american father and jewish mother but he wasn`t born in the 1940`s he was born in 1991 so he is a person in real life and he was not born in the holocaust.His xbox live gamertag is FurrySoldier166 and he is on redwallwiki too.