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Ok I am really confused about this. I guess I am making a WikiFur page about myself. Um well my name is Stavros..... um..... I dont know my last name at all.OH I know, I am a jackalopoe with brown fur and redish pink paw pads and deer like antlers... wait dont people know thats what a jackalope is.... um I will leave this anyways. Hm I am born January 1st 1992. Ya thats good what else can I put...... I am a muscle fur to a point not super big seeing how I have my submissive nature and love my big foot paws. I am also attending Le Cordon Bleu in 2010. And reside in Beaverton as of November 1st 2010. I also have a jackalope fursuit. Looking for a mate currently. Um I really dont know what I am supposed to put.... um..... FURRY POWER!!! I dont know.... I dont know what the heck I am doing. Oh maybe someone will like to be friends. *twitches nose* I like making new friends. And no just cuase I am a rabbit doesnt mean I am big on..... breeding. Maybe I should explain more what I look like. Um lets see six foot tall, ears reaching another foot. Rex breed of rabbit with antlers. My fur is a deserty brown. Big foot paws.... um redish pink paw pads. Cocoa brown eyes. I am snugglable... a lot actually. I guess I am a lean muscual fur. Not sure what you would call that. I am also not really around any where, FA, Sofurry, things like that I guess this really is the first time I came out of hiding I guess. Um if you really honestly made it this far I am surprised cause I thought you would had been bored by now. *chuckles and wags my little tail* well um.... I guess contact me if you want to or leave me messages.... I wonder how this site works. Oh Oh I was a furry when I was fifteen and been to a furcon so I been a furry a while too. Cant believe I forgot that..... oh well um *waves all franticly* CYA!!!