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Badge Name: JaeSharp Staying: Omni Penn Hotel Room Number: 808 Dates: Thursday Night (July 6, 2007) - Monday Morning (July 9, 2007)


  • 6:00am - Leave home for O'Hare Airport
  • Stop at I-80 truck stop
  • 11:30~am - Arrive at O'Hare Airport (Economy parking Lot F)
  • 12:30p - Exit security and enter terminal/gate F8
  • 5:30p - Plane takes off from ORD (30 min. late)
  • 7:40p - Plane enters PIT airspace (Time zone changed from Central to Eastern)
  • 8:00p - Pickup luggage, get to 28X Airport Flyer transport for travel to Westin
  • 8:30p~ - Leave for Westin/Downtown Pittsburgh
  • 9:00p - Arrive at Westin, I have trouble finding the Omni from there, and search for GreenReaper for a few hours with Markus McCloud
  • 9:55p - After running over to the Omni to drop off luggage, run back over to the Westing to catch GreenReaper comming out of a staff meeting.
  • 10:05p - Fail to catch GreenReaper, wander around with Markus McCloud looking for GreenReaper
  • 12:00p~ - Return to Omni, stopping at McDonald's on the way back (ew, though the food wasn't bad, surprisingly)
  • 12:45p - Return to room, collapse on bed.
  • 1:15a - Wake to GreenReaper entering room, sleep....


(In progress)