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I am a Messenger until the Storm comes[edit]


Do not fear me for I bring no harmful intent, but a message. Your Judgement is coming, swift and sure. Do you not fear for your forecoming doom? They are as countless as the stars, each with a purpose. They ride as messengers, but leave as conquers. They greet as a friend, but depart as an enemy. They will attack you endlessly until there is nothing left. Nothing but a whisper in the storm. Lost in time. Lost Forever. You have all brought this upon yourselves. who were you to think you could hide? You think this is over? IT HAS JUST BEGUN! We see you as weak, but not lost. You can still win if you admit your sins. Do not think of this as a holy crusade, but a cleansing of a plaugue brought on by your actions. We mean no harm, but we have no choice. Now we wait until it is safe. When the time is right we will stike. It is pointless to resist, repent your actions. For if you do not, no one will be able to help you. You will all be left with nothing. I regret to be the burden of you day, but I needed to contact you before the storm. Until Then, Iratus