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Name: Inferno-Pendragon

Preferred species: Demonic-Mouse (though it varies time to time)

Aliases: Inferno, Inferno-Maus, The Grim-Squeaker, Squeaks, Inferno-Racoon, Pest and "Hey You"

Location: RL: the sunny shores of Scotland VR: a vagrant around varied MUCKs and Sites (FurryMUCK being most prominent)

Known For: Mischief-Making Low-Attention Span Manic-Depressive Outburts Disliking Cheese Disliking Peanuts Disliking Most Things Bids on World-Conquest Questionable Sanity

Inferno is a demonic-mouse who rarely stays the same size, shape or even species for very long - although in every form he takes he seems to retain a sense of impish delight rather than malice and his friends tend to regard him as chaotic-neutral at best.. He is the result of an experiment long ago to create a mystical super-weapon but quite obviously failed miserably as he would much rather raid a cookie jar than cause destruction and has all but completely lost any true malice he may of once harbored - though he still wishes to rule the world someday, like any true-rodent should.. The human behind the mouse is also quite mad but doesn't really bother others without due reason and tends to make friends fairly easily - tending to switch a bit between IC and OOC but still regards most of his furry dealings to be in fun, though as a self-styled spiritualist he can sometimes find himself reading into things, usually these are nothing more than a fleeting philosophical musing and he tries to keep his IC and OOC "realities" apart as much as he can but enjoys writing stories, drawing pictures and converting old toys into custom-made figures. He also has a tendency to go into rather long and detailed rants/convos both IC and OOC (as if you hadn't guessed by now) All in all Inferno is a generally harmless goofball and wouldn't hurt a fly (okay, maybe a fly - mice eat bugs after all) other than that he is perfectly natural.. for a demonic shape-shifting mouse that is.