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Akinobu Shusuuke Kazumitsu (Aki)

Actual Person: Ryan Egan, an Irish student of 16. Mated to Drait NX. Discovered furry fandom around 2007, shortly before his 15th birthday, and only just now settled on a fursona. Does stories and artwork on Fur Affinity and does the occassional RP. Described as happy and random, smart and a good listener...and PLEASE do not give him Red Bull! Likes techno music, jumpstyle and trippy, rainbow-coloured art. He is gay and REALLY hates trolls. Has a knack for reading people's emotions and/or minds.

Fursona: A five-tailed red kitsune based on Naruto characters mixed together. Usually wearing black tight-fitting robes or a white undershirt. Carries his short samurai sword (wakizashi) with him, but will usually use his hands first in combat. Also has a small fox named Gakko who he uses in combination attacks. Still writing his backstory, though he does have some character art (not yet uploaded) and the basic information. When he uses elemental techniques, his eyes change colour according to the element, though usually they are white and pupilless (not blind though) His age in human years would be equivalent to about 450, though he only appears to be in his early twenties. He is the leader of the Village Hidden by Inari (Inarigakure). In the story he is writing he teams up with a character based on an idea from Drait NX, but usually only does solo missions

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