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Imarlo is a role-player who lives in the Netherlands.


Imari, Azmu, Jinko and Buka are characters on The Lion King MUCK. What follows is specific in-depth information on his characters


Imari is a full grown lioness character on Lion King MUCK. she's the mother of Nyeki and lives as a rogue Lioness. She claims to have lost her parents and all her siblings, and other family that she would've had.


A female Cheetah.


Jinko is the main character of the three. Jinko was supposed to be born by RP but this was called of for some unknown reasons.

Jinko is now a Adol. Lion who traveled with his best friend Yaro the meerkat. Jinko sees Yaro as a brother and was planning to stick up with him till they both would've grown old.

Jinko was adopted by King Ghedi & Jelani. Jinko also joined the Natamba pride.


This alt character is a Golden Eagle.