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I'm a Male Husky from Massachusetts

I came to the fandom in 2001 starting with an interest in transformation. My quest to find a way to change species failed, but along the way, I came across the anthropomorphic culture and joined their ranks originally as psiguy

SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account. Their name is Ilobmirt Tenk.

My fursona started out as a character from this metaverse since 2007. It has since then taken a life outside in other places. In this metaverse, I am known as the creator of Tenkwear, a digitigrade shoe store. I also coded the FOSSL Vending system for that metaverse.

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My LiveJournal page with some public entries

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I aspire to be a professional artist. Here, I create a few digital and traditional anthropomorphic works. Perhaps one day I will sell my talent among the rest of the furry artists at conventions.

FF This user has attended
FurFright 2008.

My first furry convention. I volunteered my tail off and had a blast, so I plan on returning come 2009 =^_~=

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