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Ignar Baldr "Suzuki" Åndersjön Ragnarsson, or simply Ignar the Husky, is a male Husky from Oregon, United States. He takes pride in his Norwegian heritage and often expresses his pride in the fandom, as much as everyday life. He takes his contribution to the furry fandom in music, writing, and drawing. And all at a young age of 18, he's "ready to make a name in the fandom and hope to have the time of my life doing it," as he said upon a graduation speech from high school.

Early Years[edit]

Little is known upon his early life. Though at second grade, he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and was given special communication classes during elementary school and middle school. "One thing I've gotten from most of the classes I did take was that I was cared for," he says during a graduation party, "and I was able, over the years, speak better, and in a better way. Able to think out more clearly. Now you wouldn't know. Can you now?" One of his coping methods was fur. Soft fur especially would help relief stress.
Upon arriving to sixth grade, his school did a BOC(Band, Orchestra, Choir) program where every student had to pick one of the music classes and learn an instrument. He chose a Trumpet for band because "it looked easy to play". He then shortly after fell in love with Trumpet playing and currently, still plays it with eight years of experience.

High School[edit]

Through out high school, he continued to play the Trumpet and even joined the schools Jazz Ensemble. Becoming even more vast and talented on the instrument. During Sophomore year, he would gradually learn percussion. And in his Junior year, the guitar. Then one year later, keyboards. And to this day, continues to play the guitar everyday, improving his skills. He has made a one manned music project that has yet to record anything. Though he's written lyrics of songs he's done.
With his creative mind, he started to draw more(He has drawn multiple times in his life, but never committed to drawing full time until high school). And when becoming a Furry, kept his art mostly Furry related. "I haven't drawn a human in four years," he said to a friend, "what makes you think I can draw one decently now?" His most proud piece, he says, would have to be one he did as an art project. Asking permission from FurAffinity user Fox_Fury, he did a grid drawing of her fursuit, Absinthy Fox, making a 8 1/2 x 11 picture to four times the size, by his own hand. "It's the best Furry I think I've ever done," he said in the description of the picture posted on his Fur Affinity.