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age: 15

gender: male

sex type: straight

status: single

location: TN, Dickson

I am a diaperfur (i don't care what u say)

furry type: black humanoid cat with red streaks

fav bands: linkin park, owl city, klaypex, muse, RED, p.o.d, family force 5, green day, skrillex, Torus, and flyleaf

hobbies: playing video games, making movies, being lazy, and geting up early and working on sunday mornings

fav animal: A1 savannah cat (cuz its a pretty big 'house' cat)

fav movies: AVP, AVP2, zombieland, knowing, Bruce almighty, titan A.E, the expendables, the A-team, Shaun of the dead, the A-team, Bill and Ted's bogus journey, Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, TRON: legacy

fav games:TF2, half-life 2, counter strike: source (cs:s), synergy, garry's mod

steam profile: [1]

DSi paint profile: [2]