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Concept sketch of Hyoken Seisou's image; Hyoken Seisou is viewed as a God of Ice.

Hyoken Seisou aka Hyo for short (Real name Izy K. Cheung) is a (born and raised) Canadian artist and costume maker who resides in Calgary, Alberta. Although not a Furry, she is new comer into the fursuit making world. She does not consider herself a furry just because she makes fursuits; she is simply a costume maker/cosplayer. She attends local anime conventions and meeting events.

History of Hyoken Seisou[edit]

The word Hyoken Seisou is japanese for Eternal Ice Coccoon. Hyoken Seisou choose this word from one of her favourite anime character, Akira from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Hyoken Seisou started using it as a name on forums and such, and it just kind of stuck since then; and considers it to be suiting to her personality. The name has been used for several years now and is a signature name.

How to prononuce: Hee-oh-ken-say-so.

Recently, the name Hyoken Seisou has gotten and image placed on it. Before it was just a name, but now (as shown on the thumbnail above) Hyoken Seisou has an image.


Hyoken Seisou has not attended any fur conventions, but she does attend local anime conventions yearly. Currently, she is the Cosplay Director Executive of Animethon and Nishikaze. She is also a vetern artist at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo [CCEE]. Her first out of province conventions that she will be attended in 2009 is Central Canada Comic Con (C4) and the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).

Conventions attendance list for Hyoken Seisou of 2009:

Real Life[edit]

When in costume, Hyoken Seisou loves to act as the character and be in the spotlight, on stage, and in front of a camera. But when out of costume and not running conventions, she actually perfers a quite and very private life holed up at home; making costumes and drawing. She also enjoys playing field hockey on a local woman's league (center forward); her speciality move on the field is a strong reverse stick and reverse stick stops, being able to get to the ball very fast, and pulling unique and barely legal moves.

She is also a vivid video gamer. Her favorite games consist of Okami, Resistance 2, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, and The Resident Evil franchise.

Her favorite video game characters are Resistance 2's Nathan Hale, Leon S. Kennedy, Amaterasu, and Resistance 2's Chimera.

She is also greatly obsessed with logo/labels Resistance 2's SRPA (Special Research Programs Administration) and Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation. She has many collectables of both SRPA and Umbrella Corp.

She is (slowly) currently working on her story, The Enders and hopes to one day illustrate in a manga styled fashion, and get it published.

She is a pretty laid backed person and does not like getting into conflicts and especially dislikes (personal or affecting) drama. She likes to stay in a neutral party during any disagreements between parties. She is known for her strong mindedness and will power, good at sensing when you are using her (good at calling bullshit on people), 'apparently' witty and funniness, goofiness, lack of meaningful emotions (ie angry, sadness, etc), the "won't take your crap" type, leadership, and curiosity.

Hyoken Seisou's personal quote: Non si torna indietro meaning 'There's no turning back'.

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