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Huskyfluff aka. Lysander is a feral husky, of his own unique sub-species. "50% Husky, 50% Fluff, and 100% Canine ^_^"


Lysander has spent all 18 years of his life as a dog, and he reckons he's got it all worked out. He never had much success at school and college, and preferred to do his own thing, often getting into trouble. He's never had much luck with money, or much control over where it goes when he gets his paws on it, preferring to spend it immediately.


Lysander has a variable personality, depending on his mood. For the majority of the time, he is a very loving dog, although sometimes he canbe extremely lazy. He is very passive, and rarely gets into any major arguments, and he is quite happy to be the submissive one and do work for others. Lysander can be best described as just a loving and caring husky, with an occasional tendency towards selfish recklessness, often leading him into trouble.

Physical Info[edit]

The Basics[edit]

Species Husky (Feral)
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 3' 2"
Weight 105lbs


Fur Color Has black and white fur, in the usual pattern, with a few golden-yellow patches on his upper body and the tip of his right ear
Eye Color Grey-yellow from inside to outside of pupil
Accessories Has a circular silver stud piercing at the tip of his right ear
Abilities Has the ability to change the color of his fur, but limited to changing from his normal coloring (see above) to almost pure white
Noticeable Features Has much longer fur than his species' average, which gave rise to his nickname. His tail is about 6-8" longer and less curly than a regular husky's tail

Likes and Dislikes[edit]


  • Anything squeaky, chewy, fluffy, and/or chaseable.
  • Pretty much everyone he meets, who doesn't scare him or patronise him.
  • Adores ear-scritches, belly rubs, and anyone who gives him treats.
  • Snow, cold weather, and any opportunity to go sledding.
  • Loves his Xbox, and the Left 4 Dead games.


  • Being patronised - He may look and act like an overgrown puppy, and he may be super-fluffy, but it certainly doesn't mean he should be treated like a pup.
  • Being teased - Sure it seems funny, but it isn't, it's mean. Don't do it!
  • Thieves - Stealing is wrong whether it's a chew toy or a truck...

Home, Job and Contacts[edit]


Lysander is currently living in the seaside resort town of Southend-on-Sea, in Essex, UK. He has lived there for all of his life, first with his mother in Leigh-on-Sea, then with his father in the town center itself.


At the moment, Lysander is working for a small software company close to his home. Despite not earning much, he says "This job is pretty much my dream job. It can be very frustrating at times, but I am told I am progressing much faster than expected, and I have to admit, I love seeing the final result of all my effort working as it should."

Contact Info[edit]

Although he works during the day, Lysander still keeps in touch with everyone in the evenings and weekends. Should you wish to contact him, use one of the methods below:

  • MSN/Windows Live:
  • Skype: l_evalan
  • Twitter: HuskyFluffPup


  • - Username: LysanderHusky
  • - Username: Lysander


  • ( FurNet Network - Username: LysanderHusky
    • Idle/Busy/AFK status username: GuestFluffyHusky


Xbox Live 'Gamertag' - sjt crash

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