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Horsefur32 aka Cody Keller Bloodfang is a gothic furry raver living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Born on 7/4/1993, He is best known on youtube for his and his brother's(Dreadlizard13)recruitment videos for his 012th Furry Army Brigade. He also boasts being the first Sergal-Horse hybrid in existance.


[1] Sergals-Bleed It Out [2] Furries-Krazy [3] 012th recruitment video (Dreadlizard13)


Cody is a very laid-back and very social fur who enjoys a good time when it comes around. Although he has had some problems with emotion control, he generally a happy and excited furry who is thrilled to have furry company whenever he can. He is not really your typical goth because he is so happy and the only thing goth about him is that he wears goth clothing and is somewhat shy. Cody really enjoys dances and raves and he goes to them with the most amount of glowsticks he can afford.

Fursona Attributes and Appearance[edit]

Cody's fursona is that of a Horse and Sergal hybrid with red eyes, tattoos of his mate's names on corresponding fingers, anarchy tattoo on his right upper arm, sergal tribal tattoo around his eyes and a "^vv^" tattoo on his left hand. Cody also kept some horse attributes like his jaw bones, tail, legs and feet. the rest is a big mix of sergal and horse. due to the fact sergals are carnivores and horses are herbivores, cody is an omnivore and has sergal canines mixed with horse molers. Cody is very fast on foot and doesnt tire easily, and his combat effectiveness is also very high. cody can stand long periods of cold weather and harsh environments. cody's clothes are mostly black and baggy but if he's on a very happy day he'll wear his custom-made t-shirts and his baggy jeans. he doesnt really wear shoes because his hoofs keep destroying them. he has a bunch of necklaces ranging from religious to punk and mostly wears his self-made sproket gear necklace. he usually wears a black hoodie when riding his bike and doesnt go anywhere without his trusty MP3 and headphones.

Private Life(Rated M)[edit]

Cody is a very friendly but shy person that always wants to start up a conversation. he likes all kinds of music except he can tolerate country and rap. not the biggest fan of vore, he absolutely hates hard vore, plant vore, scat and dismemberment, because cody feels mates should not "die" in the process of yiffing. cody is also an activist and likes helping and saving animals and would like to join Sea Shepard or another animal rights activist group. cody currently has 3 mates and is Bisexual.