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This is the user page of Hoovebeats/Hooves. On here you will find a bit more in-depth details about the Zebracorn, compared to the article on this website.

   * Nickname: Hooves
   * Height: 6ft 10in
   * Weight (est.): 635lbs
   * Gender: Stallion or Gelding
   * Species: Zebra Unicorn Hybrid 
   * Orientation: gay male/cunt boi

Hooves is a Writer who's works mostly appears on the internet in the Fur Affinity, community...

Hooves is a writer ofHomo-furotica dealing with Neutering and or Neutered furs... And images he has commissioned from various artists But also has written fiction dealing with Orc's and elves. His Dark Desires and Dark City story lines co-written with OgreBear have become widely read e-novels.

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