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Furry since early 2004, major influences would be the island of Dr Mereu episode of the Simpson's and who framed Rodger rabbit

Characters include a black/Grey werewolf like creature, a fluffy northern dragon with a small amount of ring tail and crux DNA(no one knows how and shi is kinda candid on the subject) and a white bellied snow leopard.

more in depth on the characters

Ich nah - Similar to Mary Tary's "Kinsmir" Ich Nah is a hermaphrodite gray wolf, with black markings around hir eyes and many of hir orifices due to a severe reaction with the vampire taint. The markings are actually old dried blood.

Pumpkin - The infamous cringon, little is known about cringons or how they're created, seeing as crux are often genderless and ring tails are not usually the kind to go near a northern dragon but none the less they are the genetic combination of crux ring tailed cats and northern dragons. cringons are adorable, and they know this. In fact they use it to their advantage against their prey; often a cringon can be seen luring food into a false sense of security by giving it the "kitten eyes" or even seducing it. prey that falls for these ploys is often consumed as soon and they get their fluffy paws around it.

Sitaria – The white bellied snow leopard was never given a name till the time of this writing, she needed one and one was thought up. A character created and made out of the necessity for a character, any character. Sitaria has very little personality other than what was required at the time, so there are many variants of her/hir/him.